Meet Heather


I’m a mother of four beautiful children and a wife of my best friend, Sam.  I get to stay home most days and teach my little ones to how to read, imagine, and love each other.  Of course, there is loads of "real moments" of whining and Netflix to match our more “beautiful” moments, so we are ever mindful and thankful for the Grace that has brought us this far. Anyway, I love my home, my husband, my kids, my family, my church, and, of course, my professional hobby: photography!

The name Mother Bird has truly become an excellent representation of who I am and how I am. I'm a mother right along side you, watching and waiting with you for your baby to be born.  I love birth photography because I've seen its power to tell a mother’s birth story in a way that brings her peace and bonding with her new child.  I hope I can join you in capturing and telling the beautiful story of how your family is growing.  There is much to remember and much to celebrate!

How I got started with Birth Photography
I discovered birth photography in the early summer of 2013.  Up to that point I had been doing various kinds of sessions for friends while I contemplated what I wanted to do with photography–I loved it but I wasn’t sure I loved it enough to devote time away from my family for something more professional. Then in April of 2013 a friend of a friend, Nicole, asked if I would photograph the birth of her second born daughter. This was the first time I’d ever heard of birth photography, and I marveled as Nicole showed me photos of other birth sessions she’d seen.  I felt honored that she trusted me enough to invite me to capture such a sacred moment.  So I did a bunch of research, said lots of prayers for her (and for myself!) and then showed up for the birth.  And let me tell you:  it. was. magical.

As I left the hospital that day, I felt so proud, amazed, and truly blessed to have been a part of that experience.  A few months later my friend, Tiffany, reached out to me for birth photography, and I jumped at the opportunity.  I was blessed beyond words to be able to witness and celebrate the birth of her second born son.  It was after that session I began taking steps toward a more professional approach to my hobby.  I received important feedback from friends and family that gave me the courage to “go for it”.  I knew then, as I do now, that if I was going to be spending time away from my family doing something I loved, it HAD to be birth story photography. 

Kitsap Washington Birth Photographer

My sweet kids <3