Your Birth Story

As you look through these birth stories you will see that no two sessions are ever the same.  Your birth will be one of a kind, because you are one of a kind—so is your family, and your new baby.  Your experience and images will be custom fit to your preferences and your birth story, while maintaining the same high quality images throughout.

I take great care to discuss with each mother her preferences for the delivery, from her birth plan to how she envisions my involvement--whether she needs me to be a “fly on the wall” or a friend to encourage her through labor, or something in the middle.  I take great care to compose the photos to her vision of her labor experience; whether she wants her photos to reflect the physical power of birth, or is more interested in the powerful emotions—or both!  My goal is that the mother would look at her birth photos and remember her experiences and to capture all the little moments that are often too quickly blurred.

My hope is that by the time I arrive at your birth session, you feel you can trust me as your friend…who also happens to be a professional birth photographer.  It is, and always will be, one of my life’s highest honors to be invited into one of the most important days of your life—something I treasure and prepare for with the utmost care.

I’m passionate about birth photography because I’ve seen the power it has to help mothers heal and families bond.  I’m so thankful you are considering photography for your birth and hope we can work together on this.


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